A post on writing

Since I don’t have my own smart phone or computer with internet access, posting on here hasn’t been as easy as I originally thought. Today I’m making up for it by posting on writing itself.

I love to write, and have been doing so for years. Sometimess have to I remind myself that there is always a beginning and no true end in writing any more than there is in life.

For those who are new or rookies, I wanted to give some advice.

First and foremost; there is no such thing as perfect, so never give up.

Second; your wording and description are just as vital as your spelling and grammar. No writing program on your phone, tablet or computer will help you place your thoughts just right onto the paper or screen.

Most phones and computers check at least your spelling, but what about when you repeat but, and, she and they ten times on a single page? What about that tricky fighing or romantic scene you try to perfect, but in the end is a confusing mess? Simply going back over what you’ve written some time after it was jotted down can vastly improve your words.

My final tip for you is; keep everything you write, because you never know when you’ll use it or parts of it, or even simply looking back to see how far you have come since it was written. I always keep old material. I never go anywhere without some way to write something down, because a walk with my dogs or the sun on a stream can inspire me.


White Rose, Red Rose

This is a poem I wrote for my fiancé.

There are no happy endings,

Only new beginnings.

The sun sets over the horizon,

So it can rise the next day.

Take this white rose, my love

And watch the red rose die.

Because it’ll bleed into the river,

Telling all of its lies.

There are no happy endings,

Only new beginnings.

Watch the setting sun,

Knowing it’ll always rise.

Fertilize this rose

With tears from the river of lies

Watch it grow blood red,

Before the day it dies.

Puppy Training

I have a dog who whelped four months ago. Even with our help, only eight of fourteen puppies lived. My family and I kept three of the survivors.

Odin is mine, Timbi is my fiance’s and Jack is my parent’s puppy. Like kids, they all have different personalities and needs. They’re preparing for us for kids; they keep us up until 3 am and get us up at 9 am sharp. When they aren’t in their play pen, they run around causing mayham unless your eyes are glued on them, and they’re teething.

Being an attentive, calm puppy, Odin is farther in training. I’m also home more than my fiancé and mom. Timbi can’t focus for ten seconds, but if you can gain her focus she’s a quick study. Jack never stays still; he even wiggles while sitting. He must be exhausted to train him.

All three make you ask “how’d the puppy do that?”.

Odin climbs the pen like a ladder, so though he wails like a banshee, we are crate training him. Timbi always gets out during meal time and Jack surprised us by learning stay, of all things, before the other puppies.

I can’t wait for them to settle down, but don’t all parents say they can’t wait for their kids to grow up?

Pondering Faith

Am I Wiccan? Yes, but I am also Pagan. I don’t just believe in one God and Goddess, as indistinct as the smell of flowers on the wind or the waxing and winning of the moon.

I believe in so much more. The myths guide us – the old stories once told and retold to every child so they knew them word for word; knew them in their bones.

I believe everything, living and nonliving, has a soul, or at least its own energy (nonliving). I believe we all fuel the power of this world somehow – that we are all connected. But I also believe there are powers greater than us personified by each task we need to operate – a god/goddess of sun, sky, earth, wind, water – that there may even be many, or just one who is worshipped by what a culture needs in that god/goddess.

I believe they need us as much as we need them. Without us, how can they exist? And I mean us – animals, plants – anything that can think and be and give and believe. Humans aren’t the only animal capable or we would never come to be.


You know, sometimes life feels like nothing is going to go right. Like nothing you do will work, and will end up going wrong. Today I found out a cat I’ve had since he was four weeks old may have cancer. The vet wouldn’t let us leave because our insurance wouldn’t cover the shots and tests.

We would have had to relent the cat if my mother and grandmother hadn’t helped out. Without my family I would be homeless and not have a car too. Sometimes we forget what family means. Some of us never knew. But my family means being a part of something great. It means always having people to rely on. It means no matter what, when you fall there will be somebody to catch you.

Today it meant keeping my cat, who may be dying, but at least he’ll die here and not with people who don’t know him. Who only cared about the money we owe them and not the cat who I was terrified for. Who I am praying its a lymphnode infection and not tumors.

Gods bless family. I hope you find family.For those who have it, I hope you let them know you love and appreciate them.